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Duck Foot

Duck Foot

Duck Foot Brewing

Duck foot brewing is a beer brewery with its headquarters located in Miramar, San Diego, California. This company was founded in 2015 by Matt Delvecchio. Delvecchio had Celiac disease, so he was unable to consume gluten. His wife then gave him the idea to make beer using lemons and the brewery took off from there.

Duckfoot Beer

Duck Foot Brewing is most known for the absence of gluten in all of their beers. They brew all of their beers with a special enzyme that greatly reduces the amount of gluten in the beer. They offer beer is all different flavors, such as malty sweetness, super bitter, and a tab bit sour. Their beer offers a variety of flavors, therefore everyone is bound to find something they love. Duck Foot Brewing offers many different light bodied and strong, bold beers. Some of there year round beers are The Looker, Drink this or the Bees die, Hop em sock em, and coconut IPA.

A hybrid of a White Ale and West Coast IPA and super-sized for your drinking pleasure. This Double IPA is brewed with Wheat to give it a pale white color and a slight sweetness in the finish. At its core this is a hop forward beer, bitter and heavily dry-hopped with a combination of Centenni..
Honey Ale It’s honey season, so that means our 2016 CA State Fair Silver Medal Winner is back! We took some of the finest local orange blossom honey we could find to craft this delicious ale, coming in at 6.9% ABV and just 15 IBUs. Expect a beautiful honey aroma and flavor with a nice ..
West Coast Style IPAOur West Coast Style IPA is both light and refreshing and big on flavor and aroma. Coming in at 6.5%, we rounded the body with Caramelized malts to balance out the bitterness from our kettle hops. Once fermentation is complete we blast it with a generous amount of Simcoe ..
A classic example of this Irish-born, dark but creamy, roasty ale. Notes of chocolate and coffee-with-cream will linger in your mouth, but not for long as the roasted malts in the recipe help dry it out and leave pleasant flavors without any cloying sweetness. This beer is dark, but not at all stron..
Light, tart, and refreshing with a nice fruity note and minimal acidity...
The Duck Foot version of the classic American Blonde Ale. Brewed with a combination of pale and caramelized malts, this beer finishes light and refreshing yet is full in flavor. The use of Cascade hops gives it a light floral citrus aroma to complement the crisp and refreshing taste...
 Beware the JabberDucky my son! We stood side by side with our friends at Viewpoint Brewing, sword in hand to vanquish this juicy collaboration IPA. This beast combines Australian Galaxy hops and Pacific Northwest Ekuanot hops for a north-meets-south combo for you to defeat. The head of the Jab..
Hazy IPA *collaboration with Andy Davis*An epically hazy beer from copious use of oats and wheat, but with just a hint of bitterness so as not to interfere with the amazing aroma and flavor. Four different dry hops meld together to create a hop bouquet with dreamy notes of tropical fruit, melo..
West Coast Style IPACollaborating with the crazy nut jobs at Kookslams, we mixed up a super fun and easy-drinking brew with some outstanding hops but a crisp and clean finish. Check out the big hop flavors of berries, tangerine and grapefruit. Perfect for drinking on or off the beach, kick bac..
Hazy Pale Ale Huge IPA-level flavor in a small, hazy, pale ale package. Sized for your session drinking pleasure but with restrained, drinkable bitterness and enormous hop aroma and flavor. Packed with five different hop varieties from around the world, you’ll pick up big notes of tropical ..
Duck Foot Choconut Lust Chocolate Hazelnut Porter 22oz
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The name of this beer does not mislead. Brewed with Cocoa Nibs and Real Chopped Hazelnut, this is a full bodied, malt forward beer with strong notes of Molasses, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate and Coconut. A small amount of Cascade hops are added for just enough bitterness to balance o..
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