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High Water

High Water

High Water Brewing

High Water Brewing is a very popular and rising company that had its origins when successful and experienced brewmaster Steve Altimari decided to branch off from his day job in Silicon Valley and create his own brewery in 2010 and quickly started getting prizes and accolades for his masterful brewing. While this company started small in Lodi, California they have become extremely popular over the years and now ship and distribute all over the United States, Europe and Australia

High Water Beer

High Water Brewing aims to bring us original, unexpected, surprising flavours in a colourful packaging that catches the eye just as much as it enraptures the palate. Some of its most popular brews are "Break Apart", which combines orange flavours and cocoa nibs with the flavour of a pale ale or "Sugaree", which tries to recreate the flavour of a maple pecan pie. If we can be sure of one thing is that the flavours of this brewery won't leave you indifferent

Inspired by super sweet and creamy Mexican-style horchata, this extra special batch of our 10W-40 Imperial Stout boasts huge notes of fresh vanilla, amaretto, and cinnamon with an incredibly smooth and chocolatey finish...
Campfire Stout evokes fond memories of wilderness and camping adventures. Notes of chocolate and graham cracker topped with a hint of marshmallow will leave you wanting s’more. Like any campfire experience, this beer is best shared with a warm circle of family and friends...
“California Lambic”, beers inspired by and paying homage to the masterful artisans of the Lambic region of Belgium and thier unique spontaneously fermented beers. Our Central Valley Breakfast Sour is a beer adventurer’s dream come true. Aged in used wine barrels for one year with the finest fruit ad..
Nyctophiliac (nyc·to·phil·i·ak). A person with a preference for or love of the dark. We just love the dark, how ‘bout you? We combined batches of our Stout and Porter beers and aged the blend in Oak barrels for 18 months. Subtle notesof chocolate, roasted malt, vanilla and oak are layered beneath th..
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Ale brewed with Vermont maple sugar, Bourbon barrel oak chips and pecan. Sugaree offers a big slice of flavors that you wish Grandma had put in her famous Thanksgiving pie. Sit back, relax and enjoy a wonderful bottle of liquid love. You will be transported back to times of holiday joy and f..
High Water Barrel Aged Campfire Stout 750ml
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Aged in a blend of three different Bourbon barrels for 9 months...
High Water Hop Riot IPA 22oz
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Hop Riot IPA is our flagship beer. Brewed in the American IPA style with a definitive "Left Coast" attitude. We brew our IPA with an aggressive bitterning level which is complimented and balanced by a defined malt backbone. Our final signature is the dry hop step where fresh hops are immerse..
High Water Retribütion Imperial IPA 22oz
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Retribütion Imperial IPA is brewed for the true connoisseur of all things hoppy. We brew this beer with one theme, go big... or go home... Layers of bittering finishing and aroma hops all combine to result in a truly unique beer...
High Water Rio d’Oro 22oz
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In the Spirit of legendary gold rush born on the mighty rivers of our Golden State of California, we off Rio d’Oro, or River of Gold. Brewed with Belgian pilsner and caramel malts, Styrian Golding hops and Belgian yeast from East Flanders, this tresure glitters with aromas of tropical fruits..
High Water Stella Blue 500ml
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Stella Blue is an American Sour Ale aged for one year in wine barrels with local blueberries, strawberries and rhubarb. Stella Blue was the first place Gold Medal winner at the 2015 California State Fair commercial craft beer competition. The delicate flavors of the springtime fruit are en..
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