Buy Mezcal at Craft City

Are you looking for strong spirits? Discover our selection of Mezcal, an agave distillate of which Tequila is a particular variant. The word Mezcal or Mescal identifies the agave distillates, a highly appreciated variant of Tequila. Mezcal is produced exclusively with blue agave (agave azul).

Manufacturers can use more than thirty different types of agave to produce one single batch of Mezcal. They never add sugar to the blend and are very protective of their secret formula. The result is a more rough and complex taste than Tequila, preferred by those in search of powerful flavors.

Which Mezcal Should You Buy?

When you buy Mezcal for the first time, it is common to choose the one with the nicest bottle or the lowest price. You will find that some flavors are different. Because when you buy Mezcal, you can choose from several varieties. Read the description to understand what Mezcal is for you!