Abita Beer

Located in Covington, Louisiana, the Abita Brewing Company was founded in 1986 by Jim Patton and Rush Cumming. The original location in downtown Abita Springs is the current location of the Abita Brew Pub. Using water from artesian wells, Abita produces a variety of popular and well-received beers. For instance, the company's Turbodog Ale was named the best beer made in America by Stuff Magazine in 2005.

Abita Brewing Company

Today, Abita Brewing Company produces seven core beers, such as Abita Amber, Purple Haze, Restoration Pale Ale, and Jockamo IPA. These beers appeal to a variety of beer drinkers, whether they prefer something light and fruity or with a spicy kick. In addition, they produce five seasonal and three Harvest brews, a draft-only series, and four Big Beers on a rotation throughout the year. Buy beer online to enjoy a taste of Abita Brewing Company without leaving your home!