Belching Beaver

Belching Beaver Brewery

The founder started the brewery business with a milk stout. After that, they grew into other beers like the popular Peanut Butter stout. The founder Thomas Vogel (CEO, Owner, and General Manager) formerly served as a brewer at a Brewing company (Coronado). Before this, Tom Vogel went to MiraCosta College to study wine technology. So as a brewer in Coronado's company, he had thought that he had to open his bar. So belching Beaver has made a name for itself since the company launched its first beer in 2012. Because the brewery's flagship beer has traditionally competed with peanut buttermilk. Still, a team of talented brewers has expanded its BB stock to include: fine sour, barrel-aged beer, and some tasty IPAs.

Belching Beaver Beer Awards

Wine Spectator Award "The Brewery Tavern & Grill location." In the year 2008, the brewery ranked in the top 100 list of Craft Breweries through a Nation sale. They also won the Canadian International Beer Awards 2018 and other awards like: Gold Best Of Show, A Gold Specialty Beers, Gold Best Of USA. West Coast Craft Can Invitational 2018 - Best In Show Peanut Butter and Best New Discovery