Bottle logic

Bottle Logic Brewing

Bottle Logic Brewing company is located in sunny Anaheim, CA. They have managed to grow famous for their microbrewery and tasting room located on sight, especially in the Southern California region where they are located., This brewery has been bringing flocks of people to its facility since 2013 when they opened their doors for the first time.

Bottle Logic Beer

Bottle Logic Beer prides themselves on their innovation and experimental "Proto Series," likening it to the work of a mad scientist. They also offer three other distinct lineups being limited release, arts and crafts and their core lineup. One of their core lineup, Calf Life, is a milk stout brewed with lactose sugar, caramel malt and oats. From the arts and crafts lineup Bottle Logic produces one of their more famous offerings: Tattered Prince. This is a French style Saison with a hearty 7.3% alcohol by volume. This brew features Sorachi Ace hops, ginger and orange peel.