Brew Rebellion

Brew Rebellion Brewing Company

Brew Rebellion is a microbrewery hailing from Yucaipa, California. Founded by two seasoned home-brewers and their business savvy friend, the trio have been bringing innovative beers to the table since 2008. Original flavor combinations have established this brewery as a fan favorite. Whether sipping on the "S'mores Porter" with your campfire buddies, or celebrating the Christmas season with their cinnamon and cloves winter warmer, "Peace on Earth," there's a Brew Rebellion draft for every taste.

Brew Rebellion Beer

Each Brew Rebellion beer is brewed with care and a focus on quality. The classy "White Chocolate Raspberry Stout" and the fruity "Peach Honey Wheat" are a few more of their more popular options. The boys of Brew Rebellion, Andy, Brad and Ed are most known for their unique concoctions that are blended in a very enticing manner. Their offerings are frequently in high demand and after one sip you'll be sure to see why.