Clown Shoes

Clown Shoes Brewing

Clown Shoes Beer is a brewery in Boston, Massachusetts that was founded by Gregg Berman and has been around for the last 11 years experimenting with flavors to create crazy alcoholic beverages that intrigue its customers. The brewery is known for making a variety of beers that are distributed to the whole country all year-round. It started by making 700 barrels in its first year and now makes more than 17,000 barrels. The beers are aged in almost every type of alcoholic barrel, from whiskey to tequila barrels. The brewery is now part of The Mass Bay Brewing Company. Compared to other beer brands, Clown Shoes Beer has a more artistic animated label, usually in the sci-fi genre.

Some of Clown Shoes most popular beers include:

  • SPACE CAKE: A double IPA with a citrus flavor. (9% alcohol)
  • MANGO: American Kolsh with natural mango flavor. (5.5% alcohol)
  • CLEMENTINE: A white ale. (5% alcohol)
  • BLAECORN UNIDRAGON: Russian Imperial Stout with chocolate malts. (11.5% alcohol)
  • LIL' CRISPY: A crisp ale with a sweet flavor. (4.8% alcohol)