Duck Foot

Duck Foot Brewing

Duck foot brewing is a beer brewery with its headquarters located in Miramar, San Diego, California. This company was founded in 2015 by Matt Delvecchio. Delvecchio had Celiac disease, so he was unable to consume gluten. His wife then gave him the idea to make beer using lemons and the brewery took off from there.

Duckfoot Beer

Duck Foot Brewing is most known for the absence of gluten in all of their beers. They brew all of their beers with a special enzyme that greatly reduces the amount of gluten in the beer. They offer beer is all different flavors, such as malty sweetness, super bitter, and a tab bit sour. Their beer offers a variety of flavors, therefore everyone is bound to find something they love. Duck Foot Brewing offers many different light bodied and strong, bold beers. Some of there year round beers are The Looker, Drink this or the Bees die, Hop em sock em, and coconut IPA.