Flying Dog

Flying Dog Brewing

Craft beer has increased in popularity over the last decade. From pale ales to lagers, the selection of craft beer has no bounds. One popular brewery through the years has been Flying Dog. Founded in 1990 by physicist George Stranahan and Richard McIntyre, Flying Dog became widely popular for their no censorship approach. Doting the manta “Good Beer, No Shit,” the brewery was taken to federal court where they won the case for free speech. Of the beer line up, Flying Dog has many different offerings. Perhaps the most popular being the Raging Bitch Belgian IPA. Available year round, the beer boasts fruity aromas and sharp hoppiness. Another popular choice is the Double Dog Double IPA. With an ABV over 12%, this beer is sure to get any party going. Dried fruit aromas and sweet maltiness round out this beer’s profile.

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Flying Dog beers can be found in over 20 states which are listed on their website. It is also available online through certain websites, but the biggest selection is available on