Fremont Beer

Fremont Brewing is a Seattle based brewery established in 2009 that focuses mainly on pale ales but also offers a selection of stouts, pilsners, and other flavorful beers. Their Dark Star, Sky Kracken, and Lush IPA are three of their most popular year-round brews, but they also offer a wide selection of seasonal, specialty, and micro-brews each year.

Fremont Brewing

The founder of the company made an effort to source sustainable high-quality ingredients, which is apparent when you taste their beers. Despite the high-quality ingredients and the creative sounding names of Fremont beers, their prices are generally in-line with what you would expect from any decent domestic brewery.

If you enjoy hops, imperial stouts, or brews with a strong aromatic taste profile, then you will probably enjoy the complex tastes of Fremont beers. In addition, for those who like specialty and micro-brews, Fremont Brewing frequently releases limited-run and small-batch beers that are reviewed well, but due to their limited production, have a tendency to sell out quickly.