Green Flash

Green Flash

Green Flash Brewing Co. is the San Diego home of award-winning Green Flash Beer. The independently owned, specialty craft brewery was founded in 2002 and specializes in creating top-quality IPA's, best known for their high hops, full flavor, and high ABV content.

Their flagship beer, the West Coast IPA, boasts a 7% APV and is bursting with strong flavor while maintaining a medium body. Under the direction of Brewmaster Erik Jensen, Green Flash Beer also includes their core Soul Style IPA, Tropical DNA, GFB blonde ale, Saturhaze IPA, and Better - an Acai Berry Wheat Ale, as well as rotating special release beers. Since 2014, Green Flash Brewing Co. has also owned and sells Alpine's selection of beers.

The Green Flash Brewing Company was purchased by a private investor in 2018. The brewing team has created award-winning, high-quality beers, such as Passion Fruit Kicker, Jibe Session IPA, and Sea to Sea Zwickel Lager. Green Flash beers can be found on draft at a variety of restaurants around the United States.

Green Flash Brewing

The innovative core selection of Green Flash Beer all features custom illustrations that reflect both the vibrancy of the beer's birthplace - San Diego - and the vibrancy of the beers within.