Lagunitas Beer

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Lagunitas beer is an original, innovative craft beer company that has its origins in California in 1993 when Tony Magee started brewing at home and some stray wort spilled down the back of his oven... and later on caught fire on Thanksgiving, burning the turkey to a crips. That is when he moved his hobby to a small shack in the town of Lagunitas.

Most Popular Lagunitas Beers

Some of his most popular brews are the originals "Cherry Jane", "Hazy Wonders" or the flagship of his store, IPA: the very first brew he produced on a regular basis and helped launch his business. This beer is not only the most popular but also the most famous, so we definitely recomend you give it a try, specially if you like pale ales with a hint of malt and caramel.

Nowadays, Lagunitas has its its flagship store in California... but they provide to taprooms all over the country and even abroad ! Now shipping to over 20 different countries and growing, Lagunitas is an up and coming brewery that's definitely going to make waves