Mikkeller Brewing Company

Danish beer microbrewery Mikkeller is not just a prolific beer maker, it’s a source of invention, collaboration, and gastronomy. In fact, it began as a host of collaborations rather than an actual company. Now the Mikkeller beer brings together a cavalcade of inventive ingredients such as licorice, passion fruit, chili, and chocolate, using hope, malt, and barrel aging. The company also hosts a renowned international beer festival and a running club with over 250 chapters around the world. The company prides itself on experimentation and working with other beer minds with full commitment. It has made "house beers" for Michelin-starred restaurants won Danish Brewery of the Year multiple times.

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Mikkeller has made a footprint in the US, as its first brick-and-mortar brewery was set up in San Diego, CA, even before its Copenhagen home base. It then opened its first international bar in San Francisco. Mikkeller beer continually challenges the conventional and pushes the limits of inventiveness. We’re proud to offer an array of its premium beers in a colorful and artful display of bottles and cans. Robust IPAs and fruits feature prominently.