Novo Brazil

Novo Brazil Beer

Novo Brazil Beer, commonly referred to as "Novo", and their brewing company are a fairly new contender on the US beer market. They first entered the scene in 2014 with their now signature line of craft beer. Brazil Brewing CO is located out of Chula Vista, CA and they specialize in India Pale Ales, though their notable catalog also features other profiles like Russian Imperial Stout and Pilsner. Perfect options for those who prefer something a little different.

Novo Brazil Brewing

Some of their popular beers include Baby Mango which is a session style IPA as well as Ipanema which offers an impressive grapefruit infused flavor. Not to be forgotten their catalog also offers Corvo Negro, a Russian Imperial Stout with an impressive 11% alcohol by volume. Brazil Brewing CO is known for their quality ingredients and cult following of die hard fans. They proudly boast modern equipment, unique yeast and quality hops that push them above and beyond other brands and breweries that create similar profiles of beer.