Revision Brewing

In 2015, Jeremy Warren left the Knee Deep Brewing Company, a company he founded himself in his garage, and with the help of 4 other founders, he created the Revision Brewery Company. This company was opened in 2017 in Sparks, Nevada. Revision produced 5,615 barrels of beer by the end of 2017. They also just started their barrel aging program to release creative and delicious barrel aged brews. Jeremy Warren is know for his world class IPAs.

Revision Beer

Since opening, Revision Brewery has won a gold medal in the American India Pale Ale category at the 2018 Beer Cup Awards. Revision Brewery is known for all its different styles of beer, including Blond Ale, Pale ale, India Pale, and lagers. The Revision Red was named the best beer of the year by quality. It’s an American Indian pale ale that contains high impact flavors and a low quantity of bitterness.