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Jack Joyce, Rob Strasser, and Bob Woodell begun construction of the first Rogue Brewery in 1988.

Once it was all said and done they had a 10 BBL brewing system in the basement and a 60 seat restaraunt above.

Rogue quickly became a popular brewing company after regularly sponsoring local events in Oregon.

Jack Joyce is known to be their Master Brewer. He joined the company early on in 1989 and has been with the company since.

Their Brewmasters have produced over 60 different ales. Rogue Brewing is known for producing their own proprietary yeast known as "Pacman"

Noteable Brews

Some of the more notable brews niclude the Rogue Chit Pilsner, Voodoo Doughnut, and the Kulture Clash. All of which you can get here at Craft City.

Rogue has won many awards over the years for their unique blend of ales. They have entered in the popular Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup.